Event Flow

Event Flow is a clean and beautiful calendar widget that displays your agenda or calendar, with lots of features and customization options.

What you get

  • Agenda widget, with a list of your events grouped by day;
  • Calendar widget, with a (resizable) month view;
  • Weather forecast for up to 5 days on the agenda widget;
  • Extensive customization: you can change the background and font colors, the font type and its density, customize the header, etc;
  • Preset themes, with nice defaults for colors, fonts and other options;
  • Select which calendar events to display;
  • Weather forecast for up to 5 days on the agenda widget (premium version only);

And much more…

This widget is free, but some configuration options are locked. To unlock, click “upgrade” and you’ll be able to buy the premium version on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play


How do i use this app

Event Flow is a widget, so you need to place it on your homescreen from your widget list. The procedure varies slightly depending on the specific Android version and your device model, but it usually is done by long pressing on an empty place of your homescreen, selecting the “Widgets” option and dragging the desired widget to the homescreen.

The widget is not updating

That’s probably because your device has some kind of battery saving settings that prevent the widget from updating (it needs to update itself once a day and before/after each event). Please check your device’s app and battery settings and make sure that they don’t interfere with the widget’s operation. You can find more info at dontkillmyapp.com.

Why aren’t reminders available

Google hasn’t yet made reminders available for third-party apps/widgets. We’re keeping an eye on it to see if that changes.

My Outlook/Exchange calendar isn’t showing up

If you’re using the Outlook Android app, go into the app’s settings, select the account you want to see and make sure that the option “Sync calendars” is active. If that doesn’t work/isn’t possible, you might be able to add your Outlook/Exchange account in your device’s Settings->Accounts, and access those calendars via Google’s Calendar app, which should also make them available on the widget.

My Birthdays/Contacts/Other calendar is not showing up or is not being synchronized

The widget only reads the local calendar database that’s on your device, which is maintained by Android and your Calendar App. Sometimes there can be issues with the synchronization, and a refresh can help: In your device’s Settings->Accounts->Select your account->Account sync refresh the Calendar and Contacts option. Then, open Google’s Calendar app, go into the side menu, deselect the affected calendars and select them back.

How do i set up the widget to look like in the screenshots

Most of the screenshots show the 2 widgets simultaneously: On the top place the Calendar Widget, resized to occupy one row, and on the bottom place the Agenda Widget, without the header (configured in the agenda settings). Then just choose the colors you like the most.

I would like to select an exact color for one of the options

In the color picker for that option, tap the center circle that displays the color and you’ll be able to enter the Hexadecimal code for the color you want (include the alpha component – 0x00 transparent, 0xFF solid color). You can also copy/paste that code to/from another item.

If i remove the widget’s header, how can i edit it afterwards

You can always access the widget’s settings in your app launcher (as long as you don’t deselect the option Show settings in app launcher). Furthermore, to switch between the Agenda and Calendar settings, tap the three dots menu on the top right corner and select the appropriate option.

Need help?

If you need further help, drop us an email.