Kore FAQ


Configure Kodi/XBMC to work with remote controls
Enable automatic configuration (Zeroconf)
Get Kodi/XBMC network information



Configure Kodi/XBMC to work with remote controls

In your Kodi/XBMC media center:

  1. Go to System->Settings->Services->Webserver and enable the setting Allow control of XBMC via HTTP;
  2. Take note of the Port number that is selected, the Username and the Password (if any). You’ll need to input this in Kore;
  3. Go to System->Settings->Services->Remote control and enable the settings Allow programs on this system to control XBMC and Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC.

Kore should now be able to connect to your media center. Make sure that both are connected to the same network, and that you know your media center IP address if Kore can’t find it automatically.



Enable automatic configuration (Zeroconf)

Kore can automatically discover and connect to your media center if you have Zeroconf installed and enabled.

To install Zeroconf:

  1. In Windows, you need to install Apple’s Bonjour. You can install iTunes to get Bonjour, or check this page to get Bonjour only.
  2. In Linux, you need to install avahi. Search your distro’s documentation for instructions on how to install it.

After installation, enable Zeroconf in Kodi/XBMC:

  1. Go to System->Settings->Services->Zeroconf and enable the setting Announce these services to other systems via Zeronconf



Get Kodi/XBMC network information

If Kore isn’t able to automatically connect to your media center, you’ll have to input its network information. To get that information, in your Kodi/XBMC:

  • Go to System->System info and take note of its IP address;
  • Go to System->Settings->Services->Webserver and take note of the selected Port number.

You’ll need to input these values in Kore, when configuring your media server.